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Over 100 retailers – one of them near you

Find your nearest Herpa retailer easily by entering your ZIP-code or the desired location. Every Herpa retailer has a selection of Herpa products in stock and will order any item currently missing from the shelves.

More than 100 eXtra-partners offer a wide selection of Herpa models for immediate purchase, as well as exclusive special models. These retailers are able to order items currently not in stock via the Herpa ordering system for delivery within a few days.

By clicking on the map you will see an interactive display of all Herpa eXtra specialty stores in Germany - it’s the easiest way to find the eXtra partner closest to home.

Here a list of all eXtra partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Great Britain:
Deutschlandkarte aller Herpa eXtra Händler

Database search for all Herpa dealers worldwide:

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