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Frequently Asked Questions

What scales are available at Herpa?

Our models in the Cars & Trucks division are mainly produced in the 1/87 scale, in the Wings division in the 1/500 scale. In addition to these standard sizes, we are able to offer the 1/160 and 1/220 scale in the Cars & Trucks division, although here the range of models is limited. The same goes for the 1/200, 1/400 and 1/1000 scales in the Wings division.

Where can I buy Herpa models?

The Herpa range and the new releases announced in leaflets, are sold at model-building retailers worldwide. In Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Switzerland, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and France, Herpa delivers directly to the shops, while in other countries, retail sales are organized via general importers. You can find your nearest Herpa retailer here.

What does “Private Collection” mean?

The Herpa “Private Collection”, often called PC-models, is an especially exclusive section of the Herpa collection. These models are elaborately detailed and sold in a special presentation box (PC-showcase).

What are commercial models?

Herpa produces many models specially for industrial clients. These so-called commercial models are neither released in the Herpa range nor are they announced in the “new releases”. They are produced as limited and exclusive editions for that particular client, who usually markets the models himself or gives them away as gifts (car manufacturers, large shipping companies, breweries, heavy industry, airlines....). Often, these commercial models are ordered and produced for special occasions (anniversaries, product launches, sales promotions, open days ...). Consequently, these models are not available on the open model market, but sometimes available at the relevant company (clients of Herpa). Members of our clubs receive detailed and complete information about each commercial model. Every now and then, we are able to offer a small part of these editions at our Herpa eXtra online shop.

Can I order directly from Herpa?

Herpa sells models of its range almost only through model-building retailers, with special editions going directly to clients. But associated with the Herpa brand are numerous products and services to make collecting more fun, which are available directly from Herpa. At the Herpa eXtra online shop, exclusive fan items, rarities and remaining stock, as well as a parts service are offered. Meanwhile, Herpa Cars Club and Wings Club deliver all important collectors information, and the popular magazines DER MASS:STAB and WingsWorld are published bimonthly with lots of news and background reports. Furthermore, the Herpa museum always welcomes visitors and provides a look behind the scenes at Herpa.

Why is the model of .... not in the Herpa assortment?

To build tools (die-casting forms) for car and airplane models in Herpa quality is a very expensive matter. For a single new car, approx. 1,500 man hours are necessary for construction and toolmaking alone! For a truck, the input is even higher. Moreover, it takes a downright specialist to do this work. Because no company has unlimited money and specialists to burn, Herpa has to carefully weigh each decision for new investment in cooperation with its partners. Certain originals not (yet) being in the Herpa assortment doesn’t mean that they are not worthy of being realized as models. Rather, it is mostly a question of priority. As banal as it sounds, one can’t do “everything”. Another aspect is that car manufacturers transfer rights in the form of concessions. As a result, the model can only be produced when a corresponding contract has been signed, and the model manufacturer has paid the concession fees.

What are “new releases” at Herpa and how often do they come out?

Every month, a package of interesting new releases is available at Herpa, while the new releases folders are published bimonthly. All new releases are published in print a few weeks before the model’s release and at the same time, the data base at Herpa online and in the new releases section is updated.

Is there a Herpa collectors club?

Yes, there is the Herpa Cars Club for car and truck fans and the Herpa Wings Club for airplane enthusiasts. Information about new releases and special editions, which can otherwise be hard to get, is available to members. If you’d like to know what’s missing in your collection, or if you’d like to check in what edition your show piece was produced, then it’s the place to be. Many thousands of collectors are already members of the Herpa family. Additional information is available here.....

Why are not all Herpa models in the catalogue?

With the myriad of tools Herpa has produced in the course of time, the number of products has of course multiplied. Every year, Herpa presents a comprehensive and up-to-date collection. Items, that are no longer available (or only in the form of remaining stock) can not be depicted in the catalogue, simply for reasons of space. But as a reference work, there is the Archive CD-ROM available, which can be easily ordered at our eXtra shop.

How can I get a special model (commercial model) not depicted in the catalogue or the new releases?

With information from our clubs you’ll know, for whom a special model was produced, and whether the models are sold direct from there. Now and again we are able to offer partial editions of special models at our eXtra shop. You might also find a certain special model at a collectors meeting, or on the internet.

Which magazines are available from Herpa?

One of the oldest, and most successful collectors magazines for model cars in the 1/87 scale (H0) is DER MASS:STAB. It is published bimonthly by independent editorial staff at Herpa. DER MASS:STAB provides readers with the latest news, detailed reports about special models and events, background stories, remodeling and much more. And of course the readers and car model collectors have a say. With classified ads, many of them have found long sought-after rarities. For airplane enthusiasts, Herpa has been publishing another premium magazine since 1997: WingsWorld is also released bimonthly and is bilingual. Both magazines can be subscribed to directly at Herpa, as well as at retailers.

How can I get the current Herpa catalogue?

As a member of one of our clubs, you will receive the particular catalogue right after its release, free of charge. In addition, catalogues can be purchased at our online shop. Of course you can also purchase the current Herpa catalogue at a retailers, and we would be happy to send you our current new releases folders anytime free of charge.

How can I get spare parts for Herpa models?

If it is a fault on a newly purchased model (which can happen from time to time despite tight quality assurance), we suggest you send us the model for repair or exchange (Herpa Customer Care, Postfach 40, 90597 Dietenhofen), or contact your Herpa retailer. If you need spare parts for remodeling, we would refer you to our line of accessories, which in the meantime has become very comprehensive. For more information see the catalogue, your retailer or our online database.

Where do I send my model suggestions and ideas?

We appreciate your support and your ideas. Please send your model suggestions with a photo to our public relations department.

Can I visit Herpa?

Yes, we’d be pleased to welcome you at our museum. Further information here.... In addition, you can find Herpa at many fairs and exhibitions. Please take a look at the calendar of events.

Is the model of ..... still available?

A certain model not being in stock at your retailer, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is out of stock at Herpa. On the other hand, if a special model is already sold out at Herpa (the red or red-yellow traffic light at delivery status), the odd retailer could possibly still have it. So we can’t always answer that question clearly. Sometimes, you may have to call or visit a few retailers to get hold of a certain model after all. In the details displayed in our online database, you will find current information about whether a model is still in stock ex-works or already sold out.

Can’t Herpa produce models at a lower price?

Depending on your perception, the same product can be either “expensive” or “cheap”. The question is always, “Compared to what?”. Herpa models are certainly no cheap articles. As with 1/1 scale car manufacturers, our designers and constructors are hard at work in complex high-tech processes, developing new tools. In mold construction, for one single new car, approx. 1,500 man hours are necessary. Only then, can the first model be produced. And all that in accordance with the highest quality requirements. The models are die cast true to the original with plastics, with single components applied by hand after the car bodies have been coated in a special metallic varnish. Details and imprints are not rendered with decals, but with a pad printing technique of the highest precision. Chrome parts and logos are imprinted with a hot embossing press and foil. It is not seldom for 50 work steps to be necessary per model before it has been completed and can pass the final quality check. Only then can Herpa models be delivered to the customers. In 2004 we launched our MAGIC series for model railroaders, where we offer high-quality accessories for sceneries at a reasonable price. Our MAGIC series is also available at your retailer or directly from our eXtra online shop.

Why are Herpa car models in the 1/87 scale not made of metal?

As you can see with the metal models of the MAGIC series, the detailing possible is limited by the material. With plastics, a much higher precision and refinement can be obtained. Just look at the accurate fit of the lights and car bodies on Herpa models, or the intricate wheel rims, free-standing mirrors, steering wheels etc. This wouldn’t be possible with metal in the 1/87 (H0) scale. Furthermore, the surface gloss is a specialty that can only be achieved with plastics.

What can I do, if my retailer can’t deliver or can’t get the models?

Please try other retailers in your area (addresses can be found in our retailers list). What one doesn’t have, could be available at the other. Service certainly varies from retailer to retailer. If all else fails, please contact us via email or phone 49+9824-951-00.
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